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Barefoot Consulting is here to take away the stress of any project you may have. I am an honest and committed designer that always puts my clients first. My services offer the capability to adjust and the ability to expand. Since 2018, I have been providing clients in Southwest Florida and Kentucky with top-quality services. Contact me today to start enjoying the benefits of going "Barefoot."


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Go Barefoot!

Welcome to Barefoot Consulting! I love collaborating with people and turning their ideas into reality. I specialize in editorial and design services. With more than 20 years of editorial and graphics experience, I am confident that I can help you make your project a success. I also offer Notary Public services.

My goal is to create a tailored experience to meet your specific needs. With a commitment to excellence, I can help you reach your goals and make the most out of your project. Get in touch with me today and choose to go "Barefoot!"

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Storytelling Through Editorial Content

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Create Engaging

Social Media Content

People often ask me, "Why Barefoot?" I tell them, "It's in my nature!"

Storytelling can be used to effectively communicate a message and capture the attention of the audience.

9 Tips to keep users coming back to your page and give them something to talk about and share with their friends.

What I Can Do for You

E-mail Marketing
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Marketing Strategies

At Barefoot Consulting, I specialize in providing comprehensive digital marketing services to reach your target audience. Engaging email campaigns and eye-catching visuals for social media posts and display ads will help to create a cohesive brand image.

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Boost Your

Brand Design

I will work with you to develop customized strategies tailored to your unique needs. I understand achieving success requires hard work and dedication, and I am here to help you every step of the way.

My goal is your success.

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Editorial Content

Are you looking for professional, engaging content? I will craft the perfect piece to capture your audience's attention to ensure your message will be heard. From press releases to blogs and websites, you can expect fresh, quality content tailored to your needs.

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Go Barefoot!

I have been lucky enough to work with cool folks and local brands, and I'd love to help you find your voice through editorial content & visual art.

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Client Testimonials

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Jolyn Covelli,

BioSweep Coastal, Owner

After many failed attempts to hire a company to manage my social media and marketing campaigns, I found Barefoot Consulting and have been completely satisfied with the level of quality and knowledge of Sherry’s ability to convey the exact message I want to get out. She is efficient, and grammatically correct and does not keep me waiting for review and completion of work. I am grateful to find someone ahead of the pack in this field and would recommend her at the highest level!

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Jamie Adelson,

Lexington, Ky.

I recently used the online writing services of Barefoot Consulting and could not be happier with the results! Sherry provided me with well-written, top-quality content that was tailored to my needs. She also offered valuable insights and advice on how to effectively market my content. I would highly recommend Sherry's services to anyone looking to expand their online presence.

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Tina Jessup,

Port Charlotte, FL

Working with Sherry on a recent project was a great experience! She was very professional, reliable, and gave great attention to detail. She took the time to understand the scope of the project and met all of my expectations. The end result was a well-written, high-quality final presentation, and beautiful layout! I highly recommend Sherry's services!

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Why Barefoot?

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People often ask me, "Why Barefoot?" I tell them, "It's in my nature!"

Life is full of unexpected journeys, and my own is no exception. Growing up in Kentucky, I was surrounded by a culture of simplicity and natural beauty. I was often barefoot during the summer, and I developed an appreciation for the nature that surrounded me as a young girl. Fast forward many years later, and a move to Southwest Florida found me quite often walking the beach, warm sand and gulf waters between my toes.

The decision to name my company "Barefoot" was rooted in the idea of a life of purpose and simplicity. It's a reflection of my own journey and personal growth. It’s also a reminder to stay open to new possibilities and always strive to be the best version of myself.

So, the Top 3 reasons, "Why Barefoot?"

First, going "barefoot" is symbolic of freedom and creativity, which are core values that I strive for in both my business and personal life.

Second, the notion of "barefoot” suggests being grounded, which reflects my dedication to helping my clients stay rooted in their vision and mission.

And third, "barefoot" is a metaphor for simplicity and minimalism, which reflects my commitment to providing my clients with straightforward and uncomplicated support.

By keeping things simple and natural, I am able to provide my clients with unique designs that show off their unique personalities. Whether it’s a website, a logo, or a Powerpoint presentation, I am likely to add a touch of southern charm and a unique perspective that can’t be found anywhere else. That's what Barefoot Consulting is all about: Simplicity, creativity, and problem-solving. I hope that my clients will get as much out of Barefoot as I do.

Thoughts or comments? Please feel free to share with me at Sherryonthecape@gmail.com

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The Power of Storytelling Through Editorial Content

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Storytelling is a powerful tool when it comes to creating compelling and engaging content. Whether it be a blog post, video, podcast, or even an infographic, storytelling can be used to effectively communicate a message and capture the attention of the audience.

In the world of editorial content, storytelling is a great way to bring a story to life and help readers to better understand the topic at hand. Through the use of storytelling, readers can connect with the content on a more personal level, as the stories give them a glimpse into the lives of the people or events being discussed.

In addition to connecting with the audience, storytelling can also be used to help build trust between the reader and the content. By telling stories, readers can get a better sense of who the author is and what their values are. This allows readers to form a more meaningful relationship with the content, which can lead to a more loyal following.

Furthermore, storytelling can help to make complex topics easier to comprehend. By providing relatable stories and examples, authors can explain difficult concepts in a way that is easier to understand. This can be especially helpful when tackling topics such as economics or politics.

Storytelling should be utilized whenever possible in order to bring a story to life and create an unforgettable experience for the reader.

Thoughts or comments? Send them to me at sherryonthecape@gmail.com

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9 Tips for Creating Engaging Social Media Content

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Creating engaging social media content is important because it helps to encourage user interaction and engagement with your content. Compelling content helps to keep users coming back to your page and gives them something to talk about and share with their friends. It also gives your brand a voice and allows you to reach a larger audience. Creating engaging content also helps to increase brand awareness and build a loyal customer base.

#1 - Use Visuals Visuals are essential for engaging your audience on social media. Use photos, videos, graphics, and other visuals to draw people in and keep them interested. AND #2 - Keep It Conversational Social media should be a conversation, not a monologue. Ask questions, invite your followers to give feedback, and start conversations with other users.

#3 - Be Timely People like to know what’s going on right now. Post timely content related to current events, trends, and other timely topics. AND #4 - Post Regularly Make sure to post regularly to stay top of mind. Find a posting schedule that works for you and stick to it.

#5 - Focus on Quality Don’t just post for the sake of posting. Focus on quality over quantity and create content that’s relevant, interesting, and valuable to your audience.

#6 - Share Other People's Content Share content from other relevant sources to show that you’re connected to your industry and to provide value to your followers. AND #7 - Leverage User-Generated Content Share content created by your followers to show that you value their opinions and to engage your audience.

#8 - Track Your Performance Track your performance to understand what’s working and what’s not. Use insights to refine your social media strategy. AND #9 - Have Fun! Don’t be afraid to have fun and be creative with your social media content. Your audience will appreciate it.

Please feel free to share other tips with me! Or, comments, thoughts ... ? Connect with me at sherryonthecape@gmail.com

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